CPC30313 Certificate III in Concreting

Qualification Overview

Becoming a trainee will provide you with the ability to combine work with structured training. Trainees will be given the opportunity to learn an array of specialist practical skills and knowledge relevant to concreting in the construction industry. Depending on the units selected trainees may experience training across areas including the use of explosive power tools, the repair and rectification of concrete and techniques for applying decorative finishes to concrete surfaces.

Concrete is used in a variety of construction projects (eg: bridges, airports, swimming pools, dams, houses, skyscrapers etc).

Concreting is the art of turning three (3) essential ingredients into a solid mass (cement, course aggregate and sand as fine aggregate). Concreting work includes:

  • Excavation work
  • Formwork carpentry
  • Laying and forming concrete into bare or decorative patterns
  • Different finishes – stencilling, stamping, exposed aggregate

Upon successful completion of this traineeship students will receive qualification CPC30313 Certificate III in Concreting.


This qualification can be delivered full-time over two (2) years OR part-time over four (4) years as school-based.

Cert 3 Concreting, Concretor

Entry Requirements

To be eligible to apply for this course applicants must:

  • Have completed Year 10 and be at least 15 years of age; and
  • Be employed by an employer who works in the rigging field of the building and construction industry.


Traineeships require employers to enter into a training contract with the trainee and the registered training organisation (RTO). Employers then work with the RTO and trainee to draw up a training plan. A training plan and contract detailing the training dates and associated units of competency will be provided at the time of sign-up. The employer can discuss with the RTO selection of electives, sequencing of competency units – timing, location and mode of delivery.


As well as on the job training by the employer component of the traineeship Dantek will deliver face to face off the job training through block release (up to 5 consecutive days) or day release.

How to Apply

Interested applicants and their employers should contact their local Dantek office for further information regarding enrolment into this traineeship. Alternatively, contact can be made with your local Australian Apprenticeship Centre (AAC) on 13 38 73 or www.australianapprenticeships.gov.au

Units of Competency

This qualification requires 20 units of competency (14 core and 6 electives) from the below list to be awarded the qualification.

A maximum of one of the four required elective units may be substituted by selecting relevant units of competency from any Certificate III or IV construction qualification or qualification in another endorsed training package. A minimum of 3 elective units are to be concreting (coded ‘CO’) units.


  • CPCCCA2003A Erect and dismantle formwork for footings and slabs on ground
  • CPCCCM1012A Work effectively and sustainably in the construction industry
  • CPCCCM1013A Plan and organise work
  • CPCCCM1014A Conduct workplace communication
  • CPCCCM1015A Carry out measurements and calculations
  • CPCCCM2001A Read and interpret plans and specifications
  • CPCCCM2006B Apply basic levelling procedures
  • CPCCOHS2001A Apply OHS requirements, policies and procedures in the construction industry
  • CPCCCO2021A Handle concreting materials
  • CPCCCO2022A Use and maintain concreting tools and equipment
  • CPCCCO3041A Place concrete
  • CPCCCO3042A Finish concrete
  • CPCCCO3043A Cure concrete
  • CPCCSF2004A Place and fix reinforcement materials


  • CPCCCO3035A Assess and specify concrete supply requirements
  • CPCCCO3036A Plan concrete work and brief team
  • CPCCCO3044A Carry out decorative finishes to concrete
  • CPCCCO3046A Repair and rectify concrete
  • CPCCCO3047A Cut and core concrete
  • CPCCCO3048A Construct tilt panels on site
  • CPCCCO3049A Apply and finish sprayed concrete
  • CPCCCO3050A Carry out high performance concreting
  • CPCCCO3051A Conduct off-form vertical concrete operations
  • CPCCCO3052A Conduct concrete boom delivery operations
  • CPCCCO3053A Slump test concrete
  • CPCCCO3054A Conduct concrete agitator truck operations
  • CPCCCO3055A Install topping slabs
  • CPCCLBM3001A License to operate a concrete placing boom
  • CPCCCA3001A Carry out general demolition of minor building structures
  • CPCCCM1016A Identify requirements for safe tilt-up work
  • CPCCCM2007B Use explosive power tools
  • CPCCCM2008B Erect and dismantle restricted height scaffolding
  • CPCCSF2003A Cut and bend materials using oxy-LPG equipment
  • CPCCSF3001A Apply reinforcement schedule